My Diet Of Uncertain Health

It’s been about a year now since I left the wonderful world of being a student. Now I’m lead to assume that being a student you learn how to basically cope with real life and all the pressures and what not but I have to say the most fascinating of all is how your diet of Mum’s spaghetti bolognese or Dad’s quality Sunday roast quickly descends into an outpouring of calories, high cholesterol and the ability to give less of a crap about your overall health, life and relationship with what life calls other people.

Now in my three years of being a student and living with other fellow students it was quite bizarre the fact that we had not only a rota in place so that everyone got a share of cooking for one another but the fact that we ate a lot of vegetables and good sources of carbohydrates like rice and pasta and then obviously meat glorious meat. Usually differing between some form of pasta bake or curry amalgamation. Now speaking to various friends of mine who have gone through the student life it seems to be vastly different. It seems that microwave meals in the Tesco Value range were the equivalent of getting a rump steak in a gourmet restaurant. If you have stuck with me through this post well congratulations because it doesn’t really get any better however it surprises me that you are taking that much interest into knowing about my diet and my healthy(ish) life as a student.

Fast forward to 2016 and I am still alive and well. However a slight difference compared to the last 3 years is that I currently live in an outhouse on a shared property. On top of that I now only have to worry about cooking and cleaning for myself. No one to play a glorified mother to clamp down on responsibility, only me which is fantastic. However what I have found since leaving student life and entering the world of full time work I literally cannot be bothered to cook proper meals. I still do on the odd occasion but it’s a rarity. The logic behind this is fuelled by the fact that I can’t be arsed to prepare food to be cooked for 15 minutes then cook for 40 minutes then sit down and eat. Too much effort. Discovering the beauty of being able to chuck a pizza or a Pasta Bake for 4 people from Tesco’s in the oven for 20 minutes and all I have to do is remove a plastic wrap around it, I think it’s obvious which one I prefer. The one with the least effort but also the least time in the oven.

I’d like to say that in my quest to try and remain the slightest bit healthy has worked a charm but undoubtedly I think I am going through a delayed student diet phase in my life and do you know what… I love every bit of it. Extra cheese on everything, double the meat quantity, barely any vegetables… So ultimately I don’t know if this is just a 3 year period or whether this is permanent. Can’t imagine my future wife approving of my diet choice but then again my response will probably be along the lines of “get busy eating”… Hmm now does that mean I’d tell her to eat and gain weight or me just continuing to eat as much as I want and continue to be unhealthy… Hmm I dunno. You be the judge



My Thoughts On Halo 5: Guardians

So with Halo 5: Guardians coming up to 9 months old I thought it would be a good time after all the initial buzz, fanboy love and critical reviews to sit down and give my thoughts on the game. Oh and to warn you in advance I will be discussing some major spoilers to the plot so if you haven’t played the game yet or at least haven’t got to the final levels then stop reading and go and complete it.

I purchased the Limited Collectors Edition of Halo 5 back in November just short of a month after it’s initial release. Primarily got that specific edition because I wanted the statue that came with it and I have to say it was pretty impressive. The detail put into it is spectacular.

Before I had got the game I had been keeping as up to date as I could with the Hunt The Truth podcast series which focussed on the uncovering the truth about Halo’s main protagonist Master Chief a.k.a Spartan John 117 which spanned from his origins to the main set up in Halo 5’s advertising which was Master Chief supposedly being a traitor. I was hooked since they started marketing the idea, I mean it’s always a risk to suddenly change the identity of a character you’ve spent most of your life growing up with. However I always like a good twist in a story. When I finally got hold of Halo 5 on Xbox One and started playing through the campaign I was enjoying it but was really struck by the shortness of the levels. With 15 levels in total (roughly the same amount in Halo 2) and 3 of them being ones where you don’t even fight, you just walk around talking to people I found myself not wanting to carry on playing the main Campaign mode so quickly. However for the sake of writing my thoughts about the Campaign I’ll continue writing rather than splitting several times between different parts of the game. Now to spoil it slightly there is no real mention of Master Chief being a traitor as portrayed in the Hunt The Truth series and confused me a lot. The only hint of him being a traitor is the fact that he and the rest of Blue Team (Fred, Linda & Kelly) go on a mission to find Cortana and disobey orders from high command. I am now left wondering why Hunt The Truth is there now but also whether elements of it will play into Halo 6 or any other future Halo titles.

Now the big thing which has caused a lot of controversy among the fanbase is Cortana returning as a villain restored by Forerunner sci-fi timey wimey things????? (I understand it… kind of). So I didn’t really have much of a problem with this twist, as much as I love Cortana as a character I think this is an interesting development and really leaves a lot of interesting conflict between her and Master Chief which I hope is expanded on a lot more in Halo 6. I do remember at the end of the Spartan Ops campaign in Halo 4 it sets up Dr. Halsey teaming up with Jul M’dama of the Covenant to cause trouble but I have read that it got resolved during the Halo Escalation comic series which I have yet to read.

One thing I was actually pretty miffed about was like most Halo fans the lack of Master Chief missions. As much as I found Spartan Locke an interesting character I wanted to play more as Chief himself. It sadly has left a lot of what Blue Team could have been doing out while playing as Fireteam Osiris so unless they release a comic series to tie up loose ends or explain it in a new game I just have to guess from here.

So overall the campaign I thought was good story wise, not perfect but good. I liked some of the new gameplay mechanics which are similar to Call Of Duty and liked the graphics and environments, especially Genesis.

I guess I could write about the multiplayer but I think that deserves a separate post on it’s own. Until then I recommend picking up Halo 5: Guardians but just don’t be surprised if you think you’ve rushed through the campaign in like 1 hour.